MARS International  is Importer & supplier of various specification screen printing mesh specially used in T-Shirt, KNIT & WOVEN Printing. This kind of mesh is plain weaved polyester mono-filament yarn. The characters of this mesh contain high strength, low elongation, good tension stability, high quality, ISO 9001, CNAS, SGS Certified and reasonable price. The mesh has been used widely in T-Shirt, Knit Clothing industries in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, China & India.

In the field of mesh fabrics for screen printing, nowadays the low-elongation polyester screen mesh fabric has already been replaced the traditional silk mesh and is dominating the screen printer users in the worldwide due to its tensile strength, elastic memory and resistance to chemicals, abrasion heat and moisture.  It is said “can be used to print on anything except air and water” which are exactly what MARS International is supplying now in a wide range of mesh counts, and our products offer significant advantages over the traditional monofilament polyester.

Our 100% polyester screen printing mesh are used widely in textile such as-  printing on T-Shirt, knit & woven garments as well as  electronic printing, PCN, CDS, ceramics, glass, stained paper printing, label plate, advertising, plastic etc.
General specification of polyester mesh:
We provide polyester mesh for screen printing with a mesh variety of – 25 mesh/inch, 30 mesh/inch, 40 mesh/inch, 50 mesh/inch, 60 mesh/inch, 80 mesh/inch, 90 mesh/inch, 100 mesh/inch, 110 mesh/inch, 120 mesh/inch, 135 mesh/inch, 160 mesh/inch, 180 mesh/inch, 200 mesh/inch, 230 mesh/inch, 250 mesh/inch, 280 mesh/inch, 305 mesh/inch, 355 mesh/inch, 380 mesh/inch, 420 mesh/inch, 500 mesh/inch.