Screen Printing Polyester Mesh for Clothing

MARS International – Sells various specification screen printing mesh specially used in T-Shirt, KNIT & WOVEN Printed Clothing. This kind of mesh is plain weaved polyester mono-filament yarn. The characters of this mesh contain high strength, low elongation, good tension stability, high quality, SGS, ISO 9001, CNAS Certified and reasonable price. The mesh has been used widely in T-Shirt & Clothing industries in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, China & India.

MARS mesh is unique, one of a kind mesh, most of largest manufacturers trusted materials of merchandise. Low elongation threads, retains tension better than all of any other brands in current market. Balanced Weft and Warp threads to maintain exact dots on dot registration to get approvals from buyer on one shot. Precise square mesh openings to prevent moire give you expected color fastness on store based light sources. Mesh above 280 are surface treated for excellent emulsion adhesion and better transfer rates of ink to substrate thru screen printing.

Screen Printing Polyester Mesh Fabric for Clothing

Polyester mesh is a kind of woven wire mesh which adopts different weaving methods by textile machines such as SULZER P7100 made in Switzerland. MARS Poly screen mesh is one of best materials for screen printing in Clothing sector, drying and filtration in the world. Our Polyester mesh having had high strengths, corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, and long run life which minimized your yields turns to saving COST in your end products. So it is widely used for screen printing, beneficiation, flour, wastewater treatment, sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, food – i.e., fruits and vegetables, juice pressing, paper mill as well as our domestic coal washing industry.

We have the most advanced testing instruments and technicians well trained by experts, and manufacturing processes are under highly strict quality checks. So, we guaranteed our products a super reliable quality with imported high quality raw materials, MARS 100% #polyester filter #mesh is one of the most advanced high #tech #textile #fabric products for #screen #printing processes.

Screen Printing Polyester Mesh Fabric for Clothing

History and Characteristics of Polyester Printing Screen:

Polyester was Polyester Printing Screen mesh introduced to the screen printing market over 40 years ago and quickly replaced traditional silk as the fabric of choice among screen printers all over the world. It is a material that is uniquely suitable for screen printing on Clothing & bulk garments sector because of its tensile strength, elastic memory and resistance to chemicals, abrasion heat, moisture management.

There are 3 types of polyester fabrics used in screen printing and they are monofilament, low-elongation monofilament and multifilament. Most of today’s screen printers use monofilament polyester, but the traditional type is rapidly being replaced with “Low-Elongation” fabric, which brings many new benefits to the screen printing process in clothing manufacturing sector. Here we mainly introduce low-elongation monofilament polyester mesh fabric as this is what we are producing now.

Monofilament polyester is woven from yarn that is extruded from heated polyester into a single strand. The extruded thread is the spun to a precise diameter. Conventional monofilament polyester screen fabric will elongate under tension: the higher the tension level, the more the thread can stretch. At excessive tension levels, the thread reaches its “plastic deformation” point while printing, and the screen will no longer hold tension. Monofilament polyester is still suitable for non-critical printing applications. In recent years, however, it has been eclipsed by a new development in thread technology:: “Low-Elongation” Polyester.

Screen Printing Polyester Mesh Fabric for Clothing


Low-Elongation polyester is what we are producing now in a wide range of mesh counts, and our products offers significant advantage Polyester Printing Screens over the traditional monofilament polyester:
*Faster tensioning without damage to the threads.
*Improved fabric strength.
*Faster tension stabilization.
*Higher tension threshold and breaking point.
*Less tension loss during the stretching process.
*Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the pressroom.
*Improved registration due to stable tension.                                                                             *Faster Print speeds.

Screen Printing Polyester Mesh Fabric for Clothing




Product Details:
Country of Origin: China, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland.
Brand Name: MARS
Certification: ISO9001, SGS, ROHS, CNAS.
Model Number: 30T- 500T.

Payment & Delivery Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Meter.
Price: Please contact us.
Packaging Details: According to the QTY.
Delivery Time: According to the QTY, UPTO 2,000 Meter instant delivery.
Payment Terms: TT, LC, CASH, CHECK.
Supply Ability: 1,00,000 Meters Per Month.

Detailed Product Description:
01. 100% Polyester, High Tension, Low Elongation
02. Width:127cm-360cm, Width can be cut upon your request.
03. Color: White, Yellow and Any Other Unlimited Colors.
04. All Environmental Friendly Certification and Approvals.

Competitive Advantages:
Improved fabric strength.
Faster tension stabilization.
High tension and low elongation.
Precision bore, well-distributed, stabilization, superior stencil adhesion.
Accurate printing precision control, holds finer details registration with no compromise in stencil durability.
Time-dependent stability and good cohesion with sensitive emulsion.

Contact Details:
MARS International,
19/1, Concord Regency Tower, 2nd Floor,
Suite No. 237, West Panthapath (Opposite Square Hospital),
Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.
Cell: +8801756715309, +8801882434513.
Fax: +12707383566


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